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Theater: It is in the city center and built with Roman construction style and in a suitable way for formation of area. 

Public Bath: It takes place approximately 200 m. east of the theater. It is located at the outer side of the city ramparts.Outer walls are partly survived. 

Castle and Ramparts: Tripolis surrounded by ramparts during Late Roman and Byzantine Period. Built on sloping grounds, ramparts of the city were supported by bastions, watchtowers and thick walls in some parts. 

Necropolis: It is at the east and south slopes of the ramparts. In this place rock tombs, graves with podiums and tombs can be seen. 

Colossae : It is located at 25 km south of Denizli city and 2 km north of Honaz County. It is on the south roadway that has been used since Ancient times. It is one of the most important centers placed in Great Frigia. It is one of the 6 biggest cities of Frigia according to Ksenephon. 

There is a castle ruin remained from Ottoman Period. Ruins of Colossae antic city, an Acropolis, can be seen around tumulus hill and surrounding areas. At north of tumulus, there are tombs engraved to rock to be built as room and house type. 

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