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Nefis Kurufasulyeci is a small garden restaurant in Denizli’s city center, which serves delicious, house-made traditional Turkish food and desserts









Nefis Kurufasulyeci in Denizli is a very excellent choice for lunch in in the city center, but dont wait too long because they close at 15:00 every day! Catering only to the local workers crowd, this style of restaurant is what is known as an Esnaf Lokantasi. That is a restaurant designed to serve lunch to local employees. Try the bean stew, Kurufasulye, for which the restaurant is named after, or the manti, Turkish dumplings.


Doktorlar Caddesi No: 48 Bamyacı Apartmanı

Denizli, Turkey

Tel: 0 258 265 53 86


You can visit Nefis Kurufasulyeci Facebook page and Tripadvisor page for more information.

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