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 Kaklık cave, on Denizli- Afyon- Ankara and Denizli Çivril highways, and 30 km away from Denizli provincial centre, 2 km away from main tour route which is over road route at international Çardak Airport at 45 km and in Kaklık town of Honaz District is uniquely beautiful in respect of its formation and development feature as well as its interesting travertines and pools similar to Pamukkale,

 and dripstones, stalactites and stalagmites. Due to both underground stream that flows through the cave and the spring that has come out beside the cave and has let some of its water into the cave close masses and petty small foliate ivy-like plants have grown on the walls of hydrologically active Kaklık cave, that receive direct sun light and permanently drip and leak. These plants that take on different tones of green during the day depending on the light contribute a distinct beauty to the cave.

The environs of Kaklık cave which is a doline-spring collapse ponor located active cave is composed of Mesosoic lime stones, Eosine marn, clay sandstones and conglomerates, miosen-polisen old clay, sand, marn and lime stones and travertine and alluviums pertainingto quaternary.


Kaklık cave has a length of 65 m in Nortwest southeast direction and 40 m in northeast direction and a circular entrance of 13×11 size. According to the entrance, the deepest point is 190m, the cave whose ceiling height varies between 2-5 metres has a second section in the southwest end of the cave. This section, which goes for approximately 40m, is covered with collapsed blocks inside. On the contrary, the almost whole area of the main gallery is covered with travertines with marvellous colors that are formed by the spring water that comes out outside the cave by waterfalls. There is one more water source about 78 m west of the main source. Those two sources have the same specialty.These white travertines that develop in pools in the form of steps and that develop on these blocks according as a result of the collapse of the ceiling is a small miniature of Pamukkale.

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