1. “How do i get to Pamukkale from Yildirim Hotel”

You can reach Pamukkale in 20 minutes by taking the mini bus from the Denizli bus station next to the hotel. The minibus ride costs 4 Turkish Lira per person.


2. “How much time does it take to reach the hotel from the airport?”

The airport is approximately 63 km away from the hotel. Transportation from Çardak airport to the hotel takes about 1 hour.


3. “Is there any way other than taxi to get to the hotel from the Airport?”

Passenger can take Bay-Tur Travel buses from airport to get the hotel as an alternative. (one way, 13 TL).


4. “How much time should I leave to reach the airport from the hotel?”

For the domestic flights you should be 1 hour before your flight. You should plan on an hour to reach Cardak Airport from the hotel. If you take 2 hours to get the airport and flight operation, you would get no problem.


5. “If I come by train to Denizli, is it possible to come to the hotel on foot?”

Yes, access to the hotel is a short walk from the Denizli train station.


6. “What is the exact check-in and check-out time for the hotel?”

The check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 11:00. If the rooms are available, it may be possible to check-in earlier.


7. “Is there any place in the hotel that we can leave our luggage?”

In our hotel there are some offices that you may leave your luggage before or after your check-in.


8. “Is a reservation required for lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant?”

Reservation is not required for lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant.


9. “How far away is Pamukkale?”

Pamukkale is 17 km away from the hotel. It takes 20-30 minutes to get there by public transportation.


10. “How far away is Heirapolis?”

Heirapolis is 20 km away from the hotel. It takes 30-35 minutes to get there by public transportation.


11. “How can I get to the Denizli bus station from the hotel?”

Hotel is located just behind the bus station. Access the hotel is very easy and takes 1-2 minutes.


12. “Is there wi-fi connection in your hotel?”

Our hotel has wi-fi connection on each floor, lobby, terrace and restaurant.


13. “Which credit cards are accepted in your hotel?”

Yildirim Hotel Denizli is happy to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express


14. “Do you offer security services?”

There are security cameras on each floor, at the entrance, at the reception, Also, our hotel is protected all night long by security personnel.


15. “Is there shopping mall near the hotel?”

There is shopping mall named Sumerpark within walking distance, takes 5 minutes to get there. Also, there are two other shopping malls named Forum Çamlık and TerasPark in Denizli. You can get there by public transportations in 15-30 minutes.


16. “How can I get to the city center?”

The city center is within walking distance to the hotel.


17. “How can I make reservation for your hotel?”

You can make reservation via telephone and through the internet on our website.


18. How can I pay?”

You can pay by credit card or cash.


19. “Where is the places to visit in Denizli?”

First comes to mind at the mention of Denizli is Pamukkale; but in addition to this unique natural beauty to be seen in Denizli There are also many other attractions. A few of the places where you can see over in Denizli:

• Pamukkale (17 km)

• Hierapolis (20 km)

• Honaz Mountain National Park (46 km)

• Weeping Rock Fall (30 km)