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Esnaf Lokantasi are local cafeteria style restaurants catering to tradesmen and workers.

The lokanta serves a very particular clientele whose needs are that of a quick and easy meal at a reasonable price. Sort of like the Turkish fast food, all the meals in a lokanta are pre-made and dished onto a plate to order. The food is held in steam trays which means it is not particularly hot. On the other hand, the norm in Turkey is to serve food luke-warm rather than boiling hot.

The main purpose of an Esnaf Lokanta is to serve the obligatory meal to the workers, which their employer is required by law to provide.

Foods in a lokanta are normally soup, rice, pasta, stews, kurufasulyestuffed peppers and eggplants, döner, broiled chicken, and köfte,

A great advantage to eating at one of these establishments is the point and choose method of picking out a meal.

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