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Buldan is one of many villages in the Denizli region, and can make a very pleasant day trip to see the natural vegetable sellers, textiles, and village products for sale.

You can also drink a pleasant coffee at one of the street cafes, and eat a pretty delicious meal at Koç Restaurant in the city center. If the farmers are out, the produce are delicious, cheap, and sometimes quite strange, as they have a preference for growing local heritage strains to sell in the market. Buldan is most famous for it’s weaving though. You will see hundreds of shops selling decorative pillow covers, couch throws, and assorted other fabrics.

To get to Buldan from Yildirim Hotel: Simply walk out of the hotel door and down into the bus station. Go down one more level to find the minibuses. One of them will say Buldan on the front, and it leaves every 30 minutes. It costs 7tl per person and takes about 1 hour to get to Buldan.

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