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Börek is a filo-pastry baked or fried with fillings like cheese, meat, spinach, or potato.

Börek is a traditional food which probably originated in East Europe and came to Turkey with the Ottomans. It is made by rolling out very thin pastry dough called yufka. This filo-like dough is layered in a large flat pan with fillings like meat, cheese, spinach, or potato. It is topped with a mixture of yogurt and egg which lets the crust become crispy in the baking process.

There are numerous varieties of Börek like Sigara Böreği which is a small deep fried roll with cheese inside (imagine a cheese egg roll). There is also su böreğı which prepared with plain yufka baked with extra yogurt to make it soft and moist.

In all different shapes and size, this versatile food is widely available in Turkey, and throughout Eastern Europe and can serve as a cheap and satisfying breakfast or snack.

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