Yildirim Hotel Denizli was first opened for business in 1989, by two brothers Celal Yildirim and Ömer Yildirim, after returning from a successful career as a worker in Germany. Returning to Denizli to be closer to family, and knowing the city had plans to build a bus station across the street, the family pooled their resources and purchased an apartment building, which they renovated into the hotel which you see today.

Denizli is not only a rich agricultural, and booming manufacturing city, it is also rooted deep in history, with many Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Thracian artifacts found in the region. There are also the world-renowned historical parks of Pamukkale and Hierapolis, just outside the city. Yildirim Hotel Denizli is the perfect place to explore these locations from.

Today, the hotel is still run by the family. This third generation has placed a deep commitment to sustainable hospitality, with programs to greatly reduce energy and plastic consumption, as well as sustaining the community by purchasing locally produced products for the restaurant.

We also have a coffee store under the hotel!