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If you love Turkish ‘chicken breast’ pudding, a stiff, milky pudding that contains shredded chicken breast, you’re sure to love it’s counterpart called ‘kazandibi’ (kah-ZAHN’ dih-BEE’). In Turkish “kazandibi” means, the very bottom of the pan. That’s exactly where this dish comes from.

‘Kazandibi’ is actually the ‘chicken breast’ pudding that has stuck to the sides and bottom of the pan while cooking. When the overcooked pudding is scraped off in long, wide strips, it’s folded into portions with the darkened side up to make a roll.

The caramelized outer layer gives the pudding a hearty, earthy flavor that contrasts well with the sweet, milky layer left on the inside. Like “chicken breast” and other milk-based desserts Turkishcuisine is known for, ‘kazandibi’ holds a special place in the hearts of adults and kids alike.