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Perhaps the dish which represents Denizli the best it’s namesake Denizli Kebap. Also know as “Tandir Kebap” or”Kuyu Tandir Kebap,” the meal consists almost exclusively of slow roasted lamb meat and fresh baked flat bread.









By no means a cheap meal, in terms of your pocket book or the potential damage to your waist line, Denizli Kebap is probably something you should eat once a year, or once in a lifetime if you don’t plan on returning to the region again. At Muhtar Kebap, the lamb shanks are slow roasted in a stone oven, chopped, and served on a plate in the middle of the tale with heaping mounds of fresh and warm flat bread. No silverware is given, the method is intended to bring you back to your cave-dwelling roots, by simply grabbing up hunks of lamb meat (generously coated with fat) with bread, and a few slived of tomato and onion if you feel inclined. Simple. No need to complicate matters more. Wash it down with a fresh bubbly ayran, and thank me later.

Muhtar Kebap

Eski Sarayköy Cadd. no. 11 Bayramyeri / Denizli

0258 261 7786

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